Customers are the heart of any business. Ignoring the customer sentiments could be detrimental to the growth of any business. Tremendous activity in social media has transformed the way in which customer reviews are echoed to the rest of the world. IBrow is a sentiment analytics tool built specifically to crawl through web and social media sites and provides interesting insights regarding what customers are talking about your product. It detects the sentiment behind each review and notifies you of any abrupt change in sentiment around your products. IBrow keeps a continuous eye on your product and provide real time insights about its social media sentiments

Ibrow can also be connected to any unstructured data source such as customer support database for getting a wealth of information regarding the issues that are raised frequently, reducing valuable hours being spent analyzing a flurry of email complaints.

Ibrow is built on an open-source NoSQL database Hbase. It uses R for doing clustering and data streaming. This combined with a strong sentiment analytics tool powered by Stanford Open NLP makes it one powerful tool which converts your customer’s thoughts into quantifiable results.

Here is the sentiment analysis that we received when we looked up IPHONE today, March 19th 2015.


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