Let us first list down what is possible by deploying a big data solution for the CT industry.

We will use predictive modeling of biological processes and drugs to accelerate computer aided drug discovery. Combining the molecular and clinical data, statistical tools will help the pharma companies to identify new potential-candidate molecules which could be developed as safe and efficacious drugs.

Enhanced patient enrollment combining the data from the PHR, EHR, Social Media, HIS and Mobile phone interactions. Powerful text mining and data mining engines could be developed to analyse these data sources and identify suitable candidates that meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria.

All trials are monitored real time to identify frauds, non compliances, adverse events etc on a near to realtime basis. Risk based monitoring could be enables.

Centralized data sources which will combine all the data related to multiple geographically distributed trials into a centralized data source.

Pharmaceutical companies have started investing significantly in improving big-data analytical capabilities. The road ahead is indeed challenging, but the big-data opportunity in pharmaceutical R&D is real, and the rewards will be great for companies that succeed.

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