Virtual Reality (VR) is a currently-expanding field which gives the users an experience of being in a real environment. It is a technology used for interaction with a computer generated environment. It is a simulated version of the real environment and can be experienced in three dimensions. VR provides the effects of a concrete existence without actually having a concrete existence. VR not only provides immersions of vision but also of sound and tactile feedback. The idea of a lifelike experience in a simulated environment is what drives the entertainment industry to evoke virtual reality concepts.

Oculus rift is one such application that assists in achieving the same. With the fleeting enhancements in VR it now seems very feasible to provide the user with experiences that were earlier thought to be merely a dream or a nightmare.

Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset device that works along with computers or mobiles. Other VR headsets have problem of motion sickness to the user post its usage. But here is a new technology which claims to have solved this problem of motion sickness and dizziness post the usage. The Oculus Rift is currently present in developer kits versions. Two developer kit versions have been released namely Developer Kit version 1 (DK1) and developer kit version 2 (DK2). The DK2 is a more advanced version of the oculus rift as compared to DK1.

The Oculus Rift head tracker constantly analyzes the player’s head movement and uses it to control the view, instead of relying on a mouse or analogue stick to turn your view in the game. This makes for a completely natural way to observe the world, which is a major factor in immersion. The most valuable data for head orientation tracking is, provided by the gyroscope, which reports the rate of rotation (angular velocity) around X, Y and Z axes in radians/second. The Oculus SDK can determine the direction of the rift relative to where it began since it continuously collects angular velocity samples over time.

The Oculus SDK currently supports MacOS, Windows (Vista, 7, 8) and Linux. There are no specific computer hardware requirements for the Oculus SDK; however, a computer with a modern graphics card is recommended.

VR offers the possibility of evolving our communication into a kind of telepathy, ultimately bridging the gap between our discrete imaginations. This is what virtual reality holds out to us – the possibility of walking into the constructs of the imagination. In future, real time complex animation system will be developed taking advantage using VR-devices like oculus rift and various simulation techniques.

Oculus Rift is designed specifically for video games that will change the way you think about gaming forever.

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