We got an email on December 8th 2014 from an E-Retailer based out of Ontario, Canada. He was worried about the poor response rate for his target campaigns and mailers. Campaign data (outbound and inbound responses) was lying around in his database and was not getting analysed. Our data scientists did a detailed study over the data and came up with 5 questions.

  • How many individuals are you trying to communicate with?
  • How many individuals have responded in some way to each of the last three campaigns?
  • Did each of the last three campaigns grow in response rate?
  • What is the revenue goal for the campaign?
  • What are your target customer profiles?

Our findings turned out to be a revelation for the customer who realised that he was firing shots at the dark hoping to hit a prey sooner or later. Using the data we identified customers who have responded to campaign through a click or an open, segmented them based on their demographics, buying history and locations. Targeted campaigns were designed for each of the identified segments which improved the campaign response rate by 150%.

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