SARKAR is envisioned to be Kreara’s one stop solution for reaching out to the masses and ensuring participative democracy. Sarkar has been developed as a follow up of our two e-governance applications; one which was developed for the Minister for Home and Vigilance and another one for the Kozhikode District Administration. Both these applications used our mobile application frame work called ECHO and enabled the citizens to do a one way communication with the Government. The Government would then consolidate these data and act accordingly.

SARKAR on the other hand makes use of a framework called TRAIZ that we developed. While citizens can come and register on one side of the framework, government officials can come and register on the other side. Then the citizen will be able to set up a communication channel with the officials of their interest. The NLP engine that will reside with in the framework will analyse these communications and highlight issues with the highest public impact so that such issues could be addressed with priority.

SARKAR is available on both Android and IPHONE and is sitting on a service level architecture. It also embeds a natural language processing algorithm which will mine the unstructured conversation texts and come up with useful information. Thus, SARKAR combines the power of mobility and text analytics to provide an e-governance framework.

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