Honey! I missed The Bus

Honey! I missed The Bus

In India, bus transport system is unpredictable. There are buses made available for passengers travelling distances, but not many passengers have complete information about the schedules.

Commuters find it difficult to plan their way to offices, schools or other places as they have no idea regarding the arrival of buses at the respective stops. This leads travelers missing their bus and rely less on public transports. Passengers waiting for the bus are unaware of problems like traffic block, route change etc.

Can we think of a mobile application that can provide a solution for all these problems?

An application that can provide commuters with information regarding the timings, location, routes, buses in their respective routes, etc. An application through which users can check-in from the stop they get in, which will eventually generate a notification, regarding the stop where bus has reached, to other users waiting for the same bus.

The application will help commuters to know in advance arrival and departure timings of various buses at bus stop or bus stands. It can help them plan their travel and avoid missing of buses to a great extent. Ultimately, the application will help in enhancing the reliability and comfort of public transport

Wish to see a change soon and let’s not miss the bus next time.

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