It’s a Huge SIX !!

It’s a Huge SIX !!

It is a bright and sunny day at the New Wanderer’s stadium in Johannesburg. The stands are packed to bursting with the passionate throng of Indian and Pakistani fans from the subcontinent. Both teams have a healthy mix of greenhorns and experienced campaigners. The young blood, as always, burns with the fire of proving itself, and the seasoned warriors are in their battle armor, ready for what could possibly turn out to be the defining day of their lives. The national anthems are played out, with the players standing upright with pride for their home country. The ever burgeoning crowd roars their approval. Battle horns are blown.  Asif runs in with the new ball; Gambhir pushes to cover, and sets off after a moment of indecision.

India v/s Pakistan is always a high intensity game. Being Indians we would always love to taste victory. What if an analyst, makes some analysis over the match data of all previous encounters between the team and help India practice accordingly?

Here is where the use of data analytics comes into action.

The use of data analytics in various industries, including finance, healthcare and marketing, is gaining popularity. Sports analytics is one among the others.

Data analytics is fairly new to the sports industry but is nothing new to the business. In today’s technology, there are massive sets of sports data which will predict the success rates for game strategies, a player’s potential for success, betting, or marketing a team. It’s all there right in front of you. It can analyze player’s individual performances and efficiency through the statistical process such as predictive analytics and game theory.

Data analytics assist players to develop innovative strategies to prepare for their upcoming matches. It helps them to win the game based on the analysis of the past data like weather conditions, pitch, opposing team, social media data, and various other external data points. With the help of open source distributed computing frameworks like Hadoop, analysts can  analyze zettabytes of historical data and crunch streams of online intelligence (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)  to predict the possible outcomes of a match.

So let’s chant India!! India!!

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