How about Pasta!!

How about Pasta!!

Dining out has become a common practice in our daily lives. As the restaurants are becoming crowded, people wait for a long time to place their food order. And at times people become more impatient and leave the place. This in turn affects the restaurants fame and also the consumer’s time. In order to avoid this, consumers want to see the new technology that can be integrated into their dining experience.

Restaurants can try out new technology which can enhance the better dining experience for the consumers. Just to pick up one example, the restaurants can equip tables with display screen showing the entire food recipes. The consumers can choose their favorite dish from the display screen and place the order. The food order in turn will get directed to the chef and the dishes are prepared accordingly and delivered to the consumers. At the time of paying the bill, the customer does not have to deal with cash or he does not have to go to the counter for paying. The consumers can pay their final bills on the same display board with an option of including the tips they want to give it to the waiters.

The use of technology fully ingrained into the restaurants serving practice will ease the entire process of placing an order, delivering dishes at right time integrated with payment options not only for the restaurants but also for the consumers.

Restaurant players are in the verge of trying out such a technology. One such player is Ziosk, the makers of a tabletop menu, ordering, entertainment and integrated payment system. Ziosk is a touchscreen tablet mounted at the end of the table in a restaurant.

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