Cognitive Computing To Accelerate Your Business

Cognitive Computing To Accelerate Your Business

Organizations are already entering into a new era of cognitive computing, as they believe adopting these technologies is a key to become leaders in their own markets.

Breakthrough in Cognitive systems such as natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning  can process information far beyond human capabilities, identifying patterns and providing potential solutions that humans might never recognize through traditional analysis.

By learning through Cognitive interactions, organizations receive automated, evidence-based responses that drive better outcomes and to break prevailing tradeoffs between time, cost and quality.

Cognub Decision Solutions uses these cognitive systems to offer cognitive insights as a service platform which leverages a category of technologies that uses natural language processing and machine learning to enable people and machines to extend and magnify human expertise and cognition.

This scalable platform will overcome the limitations while collecting more information, difficulties in processing large amounts of data quickly, drawing a big picture out of disparate data, or dealing with the sensory overload.

Our  cloud-based Insights-as-a-Service offer cognitive recommendations and  insights, applications and processes that orchestrate experiences, insights and learning , machine learning models for building variety of cognitive applications and processes in a fraction of  time. We also provide Secure, scalable and containerized environment that supports both cloud and on-premise deployment.

Our Insights-as-a-Service features:

  • Delivers Insights as a service to uncover new trends and patterns
  • Seamless integration with the legacy business applications and processes
  • Real time processing of data that helps the models to evolve continually based on new information, outcomes and action.
  • Scalable, Cost Effective Deployment Models on Cloud and On Premise
  • Build on state of the art technology platforms like Hadoop, Spark, Scala and AWS
  • Team comprising of highly experienced AI and Cognitive Sciences professionals
  • Pricing Plans that suits your scale and economy.


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