Buy Your Cognitive Property

Buy Your Cognitive Property

Assessing a storm’s damage to a house; responding to a prospective buyer’s concerns about a property; designing offices that suit the needs of its tenants—all are key tasks of the real estate business that are rapidly being made faster and less expensive as the industry adopts lessons from technology, lessons that have already dramatically changed industries such as finance and health care.

Success in real estate is all about selecting the right location and COGNUB will help you secure such successful locations faster by prepping, blending, and analyzing all relevant data to drive location decisions based on models that account for changing market or business strategies.

With 12 years of experience and 50+ data scientists, Cognub is the first cognitive computing company in Real Estate helping dozens of global companies with their enterprise performance management, with a reputation for rigor in data collection, analytics and providing strategic insights. As the consumers and businesses demand more intelligence beyond the legacy applications, Cognub is offering cognitive insights as a service platform which leverages a category of technologies that uses natural language processing and machine learning to enable people and machines to extend and magnify human expertise and cognition.

Our Offerings

    • iEstimate:

iEstimate is a predictive method for the prediction of market value of individual properties worldwide which It  encourages buyers, sellers, and homeowners to use our value to meet their expectations.

    • iReputation Index:

iReputation Index is Reputation Model built on extensive research and theoretical understanding that allows a  company to assess its reputation in relation to its competitors.

    • iLead:

iLead can help you gain more new leads per month—both “do it yourself” and paid. And with this Smart Lead Technology, you can have all of your leads—including those from other major real estate websites—automatically delivered straight into your Market Leader system.

    • iPrice trends:

iPrice Trend is a metric that provides Residential and Commercial property price trends for different cities across the globe. These price trends can be viewed in the form of graphs from the local Sale and Rent perspective. Price Trends shows the direction and momentum of the price of a property.

    • iPropensity to buy

One of the basic approaches to cross sell and up sell is propensity to buy. Propensity to buy (PtB) is a statistical model predicting the purchase of a product or service in a predefined time horizon in the future. PtB model allows you to select the customers with the highest chance for success, which helps you to optimize the ROI of your campaign.

    • iCMA

A CMA is an estimate of your home’s value done by your real estate broker to establish a listing or offer price  when you decide that you want to sell or buy a home or property.Real estate agent takes into consideration when completing a CMA to determine a list price for a home, many interior / exterior/ lot  features, Mechanics, style of  a residence, location, etc.


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