Recruit Your Patients

Recruit Your Patients

Patient enrollment is cited as one of the most challenging aspects of clinical trials and it is one of the primary reasons that a clinical trial fails.

Low patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials is one of the biggest challenges that Sponsors, CROs, and Sites must overcome. Clinical Trials predetermined period is longer than planned, due to poor patient recruitment and low patient retention which ultimately results in delayed trials, high financial losses, etc., across all phases of clinical research

Without clinical trials, healthcare would be at a standstill. Growth in clinical trial will help change the future of medicine and has the potential to improve the lives of millions. It is imperative that right patient recruitment and retention strategies to be enhanced and implemented immediately, so that new medicines are developed at the right time and utilized.

Cognub’s Cognitive based Patient Recruitment is a solution to accelerate the identification of right patients, recruitment process and engagement of qualified patients. We deploy predictive algorithms, machine learning and pattern analysis on patient data to create meaningful insights, assess risks and forecast success factors and probabilities of failure.


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