Grab on to your “RedHOT” Homes!!

Grab on to your “RedHOT” Homes!!

Home buyers need to be swift with their decision making and actions in sizzling housing markets like Florida and New York.

Now Cognub is turning on the lights for such buyers to hit the ground running by announcing the upcoming launch of their new insight called “iRedHot”. The offering uses complex machine learning algorithms to identify those homes that are likely to sell extremely fast. In this instance, Cognub describes “iRedHot” as one, that has a 75 percent chance or higher of receiving an accepted offer in the first two weeks of listing.

Even more precisely, the Cognub service will predict how long it will take for a home to sell. For example, it could inform buyers that a particular home has a 75 percent chance of selling in four days. This insight will help to hasten the decision making by the buyer once they spot their “RedHot” home in the  market.

Our data scientist crunches through more than hundreds of different attributes of the home, the neighborhood — and what home buyers are looking for in that neighborhood. Our goal is to make sure that our buyers should never miss out on a shot at their dream home.

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