There’s never a better time than now to start thinking about how you manage your money. There are smart ways to create budget for spending cuts, for right investments or better plan for your financial decisions.

Whether you open your wallet or not, you make decisions about your money every day. But even with limited resources, there are ways you can slowly and steadily prepare for the future. Digital money management promises to give millions of people the budgeting tips and financial guidance at the right time. Though the emergence of personal finance apps has drastically increased since 2010, the usages of such apps are quite disappointing because many consumers want personal advice from their FIs. Digital money management is progressing as the core functionality of many digital banking services.  Digital business strategy professionals need to take a more iterative approach in understanding customer’s needs, clear business objectives, specific money management goals and the underlying technology that is required to execute promptly.

Cognub is coming up with one such digital money management solution which provides insights for banking and wealth management professionals, for those who just begin to think about digital money management and for those to improve their existing strategy.

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