tRAIZ: Transforming Business Communication with the power of NLP

tRAIZ: Transforming Business Communication with the power of NLP

The best ideas happen outside the meeting room. Ideas don’t care about your schedule — it strikes when you’re refilling your coffee, taking a lunch break, or chatting in a room. But as the workforce becomes more distributed, teams are losing the opportunities to connect. Lack of communication in the workplace can occur for any business organization. This hardly gets the attention it deserves until the moment crisis hits. Undervaluing the importance of powerful communication channel is a mistake which is costing some companies dearly. The digital age is rapidly changing the communication management in astronomical ways.

The advantages of implementing proper communication channel in an organization will allow the stake holders to be digitally connected. This enables to streamline the communication, use the data for meaningful analysis and provide a dashboard view to the management.

tRAIZ answers the above problem. It is a secure text, voice, image and video based business communication platform that enables dynamic role creation, rule engines that govern communication protocols and offers a powerful NLP Engine which converts unstructured chat to actionable information.

This cognitive chat platform solves this problem by providing rule based team chat and document sharing. This complete chat platform rivals the most stable, reliable services available in the market. The main advantage with tRAIZ is that it can be used across different industries and business.


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