Cognitive Virtual Dealer

Cognitive Virtual Dealer

Maybe you own a car that is several years old. It’s in pretty good shape, but you might have caught yourself dreaming about trading in the same-ol’-same-ol’ for something a little sexier. But before a cozier dream we need to realize some of the factors that might hamper it. You need to ensure a equitable trade-in deal. To determine if you’re being offered a reasonable price on your trade-in, you must know how worth is your car.

To get the best value for your Trade –in vehicle while looking for your used car deal, try considering factors, like the car’s condition level, the dealer’s current inventory and how likely the car will sell.

Considering the above factors, Cognub has come up with a cognitive based virtual dealer solution for the Trade-in car customers.

The virtual dealer is a cognitive dealer assistant that from an estimated set of parameters arrives at the best value for the trade-in vehicle, so as to protect you from mitigated risks. The tool allows the provision to set the profit margin and a tolerance to be entertained while negotiating the customer. Where the estimated profit is above a certain threshold percentage the deal is automated, and in the other cases the decision is passed onto the dealer salesman to take his decision along with a risk information.

The assistance tool has a cognitive module that perfects itself based on the decisions made, so that the precision of the prediction at even a very low tolerance is possible, thus maximizing the profit.

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