Transforming Telecom Industry with Machine Learning

Transforming Telecom Industry with Machine Learning

During the last 20 years, we have seen mobile communication turning into the predominant medium of communication. In various countries, especially the developed ones, the market is soaked to the extent that each new customer must be won over from the competitors. In the mean time, public policies and standardization of mobile communication now permit customers to effectively change over from one carrier to another, resulting in a liquid market. Since the cost of winning a new customer is more expensive than the cost of retaining an existing one, mobile carriers have now shifted their focus on customer retention.

As rightly mentioned by Hoffman, ‘’with the rise of commercial cloud infrastructure and machine learning services, every mobile operator can be a big data company. In just a few years, we will see the mobile networks of tomorrow manifest into giant, distributed supercomputers, with radios attached, continuously reengineered by machine learning’’.

Cognub has developed a machine learning platform to bring a significantly different approach to resolve problems in telecommunication. Be it foreseeing customer churn or recommending the best marketing offer for a customer, the platform brings incredible accuracy and quality forecast of new advantages to operators, solving churn problems, reducing costs, and allocating suitable resources.

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