Chatbot for healthcare – suggest preliminary home remedies

Chatbot for healthcare – suggest preliminary home remedies

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An AI integrated chatbot can converse with the user either by chat or voice through NLP (Natural Language Processing) and is widely used in various businesses. (e.g., websites, calls..). 

Studies say that more than 67% of businesses worldwide use chatbots for their customer support and interactions. According to Business Insider, with a market size of $2.6 billion in 2019, it is estimated to grow up to $9.4 billion by the end of 2024. No wonder that the chatbot market is increasing at such an enormous rate since it helps businesses speed up the responses with a high accuracy rate and saves 30% of expenses spent on customer support. Sounds excellent!! Right? So, how do these chatbots integrate with the healthcare industry?  Let us look at one such use case.

The world has come a long way both in technology and medical aspects. Since everyone is caught up in the rat race, it is difficult to go and meet a specialist for some of the common ailments. So they usually end up taking some home remedies instead of consulting a doctor for minor symptoms like headache or small change in temperature, cold, etc even if they are not sure about their ailments. What more would one need, if the popular remedies are suggested by a trusted health companion on just a query. That is what exactly our chatbot does.

Our Healthcare Chatbot engages with the user and collects their symptoms. It scans the user’s input and looks up the curated medical knowledge sources to identify the ailment based on which it suggests the home remedies. Our conversational AI allows users to have a self-service option to access information. However, the Chat log is tracked and maintained in such a way that it helps the bot in understanding the user’s previous medical condition and access information from different sources in compliance with healthcare standards and regulations.

The limitations with respect to understanding accents or symptom descriptions are overcome with an increasing number of cases that the bot handles every day which generates more training data for the bot to learn and eventually improve.


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  • Understands customer queries without manual intervention.
  • Provides recommendations based on the natural language input given by the customer.
  • Automatic chat log tracking system helps retrain the chatbot, which helps in improving the bot’s performance.
  • Scalable and reliable serverless architecture to ensure zero maintenance effort.

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