Car Recommendation Engine

Car Recommendation Engine

CRE-01Traditional methods of operation have changed in the automobile industry with the emergence of disruptive technologies. Data science plays an important role not just for self-driving cars but also for understanding changing customer behaviour. It caters to every need right from Research and development to manufacturing and marketing of the product.

At Cognub, we provide software alternatives to build the most innovative products. In order to lead the way in a highly competitive sector, each solution is customized according to our customer’s needs. For the automotive industry, we have developed recommendation engines and chatbots to help clients in decision making.

Car Recommendation Engine helps the agents to narrow down the option of cars for the customers as there are a large number of vehicle manufacturers in the market. The engine creates a collaborative score based on ratings, cognitive and demographic patterns in order to forecast your clients’ potential likes and dislikes and thus offer them options.

The customized version of the engine recommends cars based on certain criteria (type, price, feature) and their weightage. Aiming to find the car which is “Best Fit” for a user by taking into consideration factors like his age, social profile, professional network and locality. The recommendation system provides information about the car in accordance with the customer’s wish. 


  • Easy to select a car which satisfies the user’s interests
  • Reduce the time required for identifying the car based on his interests

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