Automotive Expert – An Intelligent Chatbot

Automotive Expert – An Intelligent Chatbot


Buying a car that fulfils one’s needs and dream is an invaluable moment in life. Technology now is not just shaping the looks of the car but also its features oftentimes. So have you summed up all the necessaries that you need in your car and geared up to bring it home? How about getting to know a diverse channel to assist you in your decision making. Go ahead reading this article.

We all would love an expert to assist us in situations where multiple factors would influence our shopping decisions. Particularly in automobiles, there are many models available in the market and they keep on updating frequently. Be it a traditional or an electric car, manufacturers now are concerned in concepts like self-driving, automatic emergency steering, emergency braking, automatic parking, etc., and are releasing them in various versions. Now finding out what exactly solves one needs is a big deal. Worry not, our AI-powered conversational chatbot helps you in choosing your dream car.

Our automotive expert is a conversation – based intelligent virtual agent that understands natural language and responds to any consumer queries using voice or text. Its continuous learning and intelligent knowledge retrieval capabilities powered by AI enables auto marketers and dealerships to engage the consumer in new ways. Consumers can research vehicles, locate their dream car, determine best trade-in value, get pre-qualified finance offers and complete the end-to-end car-buying journey. The agent gets better with each new interaction and has been trained to handle a wide range of scenarios and it can be trained for new skills as well.


  • Natural language processing
  • Machine learning


  • Help understand consumer queries without manual intervention.
  • Capable of delivering a conversational model for FAQ type consumer queries and long conversations.
  • Automatic chat log tracking system helps retrain the chatbot, which helps in the improvement of bot’s performance. 
  • Seamlessly scalable and reliable architecture. 

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